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Laundry_natural_soapTierra Mia Organics laundry soap is detergent FREE & clear of harmful chemicals but loaded with with a powerful cleansing formula of organic oils. It's 100 percent natural and an excellent choice for anyone with sensitive skin. This soap gets the job done. Our natural laundry soap really leaves your clothes fresh, won't fade colors and removes stains.


During WWII, the fats and oils that were used to make soap became scarce.

Fats and oils were being used to manufacture nitro-glycerine for explosives, and so another chemical source for cleaning agents had to be found. That's when petroleum entered the scene and scientists discovered that they could make thousands of new chemicals from petroleum, including what they called detergents.

Detergents soon became a regular household item because there was no alternative during WWII.


Petrochemicals are the synthetic chemicals made out of petroleum. These petrochemicals can be found in the ingredients on laundry detergents in the form of fragrance, phthalates and artificial colors. 



The Cost
Detergents are cheaper to manufacture than true soap And while the majority of the population is absolutely convinced that detergents are safe to use because marketing tells them so there are still many health risk associated with these chemicals, most of which have not been properly tested.


Fresh Scent with a dirty secret
With names like "Spring & Renewal" and "Mountain Rain," you envision good things but you might actually be sniffing formaldehyde and inhaling a known carcinogen.

The EPA reports that formaldehyde causes cancer in animals and may do so in humans.


old-perfume-ad Hidden Ingredients
Many of these ingredients are not listed. Recent studies have shown them to be proven lethal toxins which build up in your skin, and may cause many serious health problems such as asthma, autism, infertility, allergies, and even cancer.

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