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Baby and Kids Cream

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We use the pure simple organic ingredients to create our baby products that nourish and protect.

A great moisturizer for eczema, dry skin, baby acne, heat rash, and is especially designed for baby’s sensitive skin. It provides soothing moisture while also supporting natural healthy skin function. Formulated with a careful selection of ingredients, this cream will help protect baby’s sensitive skin and can be used all over the body from head to toe. Use this baby lotion along with our Gentle Baby Healing Cream for diaper rash and cradle cap. Mom will see the benefits within days. 

Ingredients: Fresh raw goat's milk, organic grape seed oil, coconut oil, organic castor oil, vegetable emulsifying wax, organic vegetable glycerin, raw honey, stearic acid, cetearyl alcohol, brewer's yeast, essential oils of tangerine, orange, and vanilla, zinc oxide, potassium sorbate, and euxyl PE9010.




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