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Shel's Exfoliating Body Cloths

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These exfoliating body washcloths use less soap when you wash! They create an extra lush lather but more amazing yet is that these washcloths have the perfect amount of exfoliating fiber. It helps create a smooth even skin texture and diminish the appearance of age spots or pigmentation on the body.  It will leave your skin feeling cleaner and softer! Exfoliating the skin during cleansing is a proven way rid the skin surface of dead skin cell allowing oils from natural soap and creams to better moisturize the skin and reveal fresher healthy skin. Try it and see for yourself. 

These washcloths are a new to our website and a new venture for Shelli who has knit for years. Each and everyone one of these washcloths is hand knit by Shelli who came across this fiber and had the fabulous realization that it would make an excellent body washcloth. Cloths may vary slightly but are approximately 9 x 9 inches.

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