If you have combination skin what you probably crave is an even complexion.  You are in luck because we know what your skin craves to be happy and that's balance.

We offer our best facial bar cleansers, made with real natural ingredients.  Our soaps and creams will make your skin look and feel great. All of our skincare products are formulated with goat milk to help balance and exfoliate the skin with naturally occurring vitamins and alpha-hydroxy acids. 

We have a few recommendations for combination skin.

Our Regimes come complete with a 100%  fresh raw goat milk gentle face bar, which will naturally helps balance the pH of your skin. It also comes with a 2oz Gentle Daily Face Scrub. Unlike, any other, our face scrub is made with 100% edible ingredients. It remains gentle for daily use to keep dry flaky skin away. This kit also contains a 2oz Original Face Cream and a 2oz Nourishing Night Cream to keep your face moisturized day and night with moisture rich organic oils and nutrient dense goat milk.

We recommend both for sensitive or combination skin.

The Emily Regimen is a bit better suited for acne prone skin

The Malika Regimen is recommended for dry, sensitive and rosacea skin.




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