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How does raw goat milk help the skin?

It's an amazing bit of science. It comes down to having the right pH balance and the right blend of proteins and vitamins. Raw goat's milk hits the spot. LEARN MORE.

Why do you point out that you use RAW goat milk?

Our products contain unpasteurized goat milk. A lot of so-called "goat's milk" products either pasteurize their milk, dilute it with water, or worse yet, use a powdered form of goat milk. What's the problem with that? The high-temperature processes of pasteurization actually denatures the proteins and nutrition of the goat milk—changing the milk's protein and acid profile. So all those beneficial proteins and vitamins in goat milk get damaged before you get to use them.

Do your raw goat milk soaps have preservatives in them?

Absolutely not. No Preservatives.

Can your soaps be used for sensitive skin or on the face?

Yes! Our soaps will not dry out your skin nor leave an oily residue behind. They’re balanced for your skin and deliver natural moisturizers and vitamins that promote healthy skin growth. We make two bars especially for sensitive skin that both make great face soaps!


Are your soaps safe for babies' skin?

Yes! Try any of our soaps on your most precious little one. In fact we make a BABY SOAP with their specific skin type in mind. We get a lot of positive feedback from moms and dads all over the world.

Are your soaps good for treating acne?

Yes! Acne was one of our first considerations when we began making soaps. Our raw goat's milk soaps are gentle and safe to use many times a day, as needed. The soaps help normalize your skin's pH which signals your skin to produce less oil throughout the day.

Most acne products will harshly dry out your skin, and in turn prompt your skin to produce more oil! Our soaps help stop the vicious cycle—especially our Emily Soap as well as our Malika and Lemongrass, made specifically with this problem in mind!

Are there other skin issues your soaps have been known to help?

More than help! After using our raw goats milk soaps for weeks and sometimes days, customers report noticeable improvements with eczema, psoriasis, rashes, dermatitis, dry skin, itchy scalp, and as we mentioned above, acne.

Are your soaps gluten free?
Yes! We use no wheat-derived ingredient in our soaps!

Do you have preservatives in your face and body creams?

Yes. We need to use a preservative for creams because in that form, the milk is perishable. Which means by the time it gets to you, you wouldn't be able to receive the great health benefits in raw goat's milk. We only use two food grade preservatives in our creams:
  • Euxyl PE 9010 is used in small amounts in our skin cream line. Euxyl is derived from rose oil, sage oil, minerals, plant derivatives and coconut, and is used at less than 1%
  • EDTA is also used in small amounts. It's derived from sodium salts. They're needed to bind up elements like magnesium and keep mold from growing

We would love to be able to use natural preservatives such as grapefruit seed extract and vitamin E oil, but have been advised by chemists those will not ensure the prevention of unfriendly bacteria. We do this with your safety in mind.


Why do some soap bars have dark brown or black spots in them?

Those spots come from the raw honey in our soaps—specifically residue from propolis, royal jelly, and bee pollen. All natural stuff that helps your body's immunity.

How much goat milk do we put into every soap bar?

Our soap recipes are rich with 100% raw goat milk. We also have a fair amount of raw honey, and essential and organic oils. For every batch we make, 1/3 of the total content is raw goat milk.

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