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Our Story

From the very beginning we've raised our own goats as well as harvested our own honey. This allows us to offer the highest quality products with the freshest milk and purest honey. We manufacture our products in the USA, in northern California, and all our products are made in small batches.

When you buy Tierra Mia Organics, not only have you purchased quality products, you have contributed to a family company with high standards for your own family; A family company that cares equally about its connection and contributions to the community and the planet.

is the founder, creator, and head formulator of Tierra Mia Organics. She is also head of this family, joined by her daughter, Emily, and son, Phillip. Sylvia bought her first goat Millie in 2008
"Soaps were our great beginning—something we all can’t do without—and it brings me joy to say that our natural products have expanded to include face and body creams, baby creams, shaving products, and even soap for healthy teeth and gums! Today, Tierra Mia Organics products are helping thousands across the world—available through a host of online health stores!"

was our head soap maker, now retired from that position, he remainson the board of directors. Around these parts he's known just as Phil. He's a product tester and a part of the Tierra Mia think-tank. We milk, feed and care for the goats ourselves. "Millie, our first goat, now has about a dozen other goat friends that live and graze on our land. Our beehives are kept on farms that do not spray pesticides, where farmers truly care about the health of the crop and the people, and support our efforts. We personally care for the bees, harvesting the honey in summer and fortifying the hives in winter."

Emily is Chief of marketing with experience in photography, editing and digital marketing media. "
I do my best to make our little company have great impact and a small carbon footprint. Tierra Mia Organics began with the intention to offer skincare products that would be simple, with minimal ingredients that are natural, effective, and beneficial for the skin. I have a passion for sustainability, animal-welfare, and a love of nature. I believe that Tierra Mia Organics has a social responsibility to our customers and to the planet." 





We take guidance from Nature in designing skin care products that help balance the skin. We use only unadulterated natural ingredients, like 100% fresh raw goat 's milk, from goats we raise with care and love.

Our goat milk, along with other wholesome, organic ingredients chosen specifically to better your skin, create a solution we believe in. 
We know how important your health, and the health of our planet is to you, which is why our promise is to always provide skin care that’s free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, petroleum, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. It’s also why we go to great lengths to source organic and more sustainable ingredients. Tierra Mia Organics never pasteurizes or dilutes its raw goat milk. This is why we refer to our milk as RAW. Other goat milk products pasteurize the milk to prolong shelf life; many even use powdered milk. Unfortunately, this damages the very proteins and vitamins that make it so beneficial. This is why at Tierra Mia Organics we use only the freshest milk. NOTHING else will do. We believe in nurturing your entire health. Your skin is merely a reflection of your internal vitality, and no amount of skin care products can correct an unhealthy lifestyle or poor diet. If you are looking for SUPER natural skin care products—you've found them!


Our goats are part of our family. We feed them a nutritious diet of oats, minerals, alfalfa and fresh greens. In return, they provide us with the very best goat milk and lots of joy. Pictured here is Amelia nibbling Emily's sleeve.

phil_with_kid_goat                                                                                                Phil butting heads with one of our kids. We raise our kids and never ween them too early off mother's milk. Mother's milk is crucial to her offspring.

sylvia_and_kid_goat                                        Sylvia with a kid just a few days old. Sylvia is the primary goat caregiver, tending to the goats daily.






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