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Our Story

From the very beginning my goal was to make products that could help keep the skin healthy and moisturized.  Products in the USA are  commercially made with no real and simple oils that truly benefit the skin.  We make products with simple and safe ingredients.

When you buy Tierra Mia Organics, not only have you purchased quality products, you have contributed to a company with high standards for your own family's skincare needs; A company that cares equally about its connection and contributions to the community and the planet.

is the founder, creator, and head formulator of Tierra Mia Organics. Sylvia bought her first goat, Millie in 2008
It brings me joy to say that our natural products  include the most uniquely natural anti-aging face products, along with face and body products, and even soap for healthy teeth and gums! Today, Tierra Mia Organics products are helping thousands across the USA the world—available through our online store and local shop here in Northern California.


phil_with_kid_goat                                                                                                Phil butting heads with one of our kids. We raise our kids and never ween them too early off mother's milk. Mother's milk is crucial to her offspring.




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