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Here you will find reviews and videos to learn more about us. We're a family-owned and operated business, run by a mother-daughter team. Our products are handmade by our family for your family.



 Amber of Amber's Beauty Chair tried our products. Hear what she has to say in her product review.



 Free Range Diva shares her experience using Tierra Mia Organics. 

 Little Wesley was able to treat his skin condition using Tierra Mia Organics GENTLE HEALING BABY CREAM & BABY SOAP. Kristen Redford, Wesley's mom, talks about Wesley's skin now versus then.



Our goats are a part of our family. We feed them a nutritious diet of oats, minerals, alfalfa, and fresh greens. In turn, they provide us with the very best goat's milk.

 When you buy Tierra Mia Organics, not only have you purchased quality products, you contributed to a family company with high standards for your family. A family company that cares equally about its connection and contributions to the community and the planet.


 Tierra Mia Organics takes guidance from Nature in designing skin care products that help balance the skin. We use only unadulterated natural ingredients, like 100% fresh raw goat's milk, from goats we raise with care and love. Our goat milk, along with other wholesome, organic ingredients chosen specifically to better your skin, create a solution we believe in.


From the very beginning we've raised our own goats as well as harvested our own honey. This alllows us to offer the highest quality products.



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