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   Pets are faithful companions and they should be reward with love and care.  The health of our pets could be compromised by the very same chemicals we try to avoid.  At Tierra Mia Organics we are animals lovers, that is why we could not exclude our furry friends and we have made pet care products that are safe, gentle and effective.  

NO sodium lauryl sulfate - NO parabens - NO petrolium - NO dyes - No synthetic fragrances - NO animal testing - Gluten Free


Tierra Mia Organics has taken much care in formulating our  Pet Care products to help ensure the balance of our Pet's skin and coat. Our ingredients are carefully selected with the purpose of only benefiting the health of our pet's skin.  Our ingredients are carefully selected help keep pets skin and coat healthy.  formulas are made to be whole and simplistic, leaving We use  No fillers, no SLS's, no colorants, in our products.

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