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oily skin gets a bad rap. Natural oils moisturize the skin and may minimize the effect of environmental stresses. Oils help to give your skin that much desired radiance. Those blessed with oily skin will have softer skin and will likely show far less signs of aging

The more sebum (oil) your skin produces, the more vitamin E is available to your skin, which offers protection from the sun and environment and serves as its own anti-aging barrier. Avoid stripping this precious protective oil from your skin.

Oily skin doesn’t need to be dried out with harsh cleansers, rough exfoliators and chemical-laden acne products. Instead, this skin type needs a gentle,  pH-balanced cleansers like Tierra Mia Organics all-natural goat milk soap bars.  A simple cleansing routine and gentle exfoliator is all you need to maintain that glowing complexion.

Goat milk is very gentle. It has a pH level that is very near that of human skin.  It contains Caprylic Acid, a form of alpha-hydroxy acids, which aids in cellular renewal.  This naturally exfoliates the skin, removing dirt and dead skin cells, leaving behind beautiful healthy new skin. The pH and gentle natural acids make it great for your skin, sensitive skin and all skin types!

Goat milk is filled with nutritious skin goodness. With more vitamins and lipids than cow’s milk or water, goat milk contain wonderful vitamins for the skin such as vitamin A, B, C & D.  It also contains calcium, potassium and magnesium.


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