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About Sylvia

sylvia_and_goatTierra Mia Organics started with the simple aim of making natural products that are good for the health of one's skin. I've combined my skin care knowledge with my love of organic ingredients to create these goat milk products for people who want to take care of their skin in the healthiest way possible.

I formulate, trying to achieve a product so safe you could consume it. Our soaps have no preservatives at all and our lotions and creams have less than 1% preservative, no parabens, no sulfates, no petroleum,  no synthetic oils or fragrances.

sylvia_estheticianI've worked in the skin care field over 27 years as a licensed esthetician. Fifteen years ago, I transitioned my practice into holistic and natural skin care. I saw many of my clients experience positive results, however, it was becoming impossible to find enough quality products that avoided harsh chemicals and additives. I purchased my first goat, Millie, over 7 years ago so that I could have my own supply of raw goats milk because I had learned about the many benefits of goat milk.


 Tierra Mia Organics began with a single intention to offer my clients skincare products that would be simply made and crafted with amazing nutrients.


Making skincare products with goats milk was, to my knowledge, the next best thing to drinking it. Applying it to the skin -- our largest organ -- had exciting potentia. I'd always spoken to my clients about maintaining their body's natural balance, and here was an ingredient -- raw goat milk -- that had nearly the same pH as human skin, which is crucial to it's unique ability to help skin and why it's so beneficial for problem skin like acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea. LEARN MORE ABOUT GOAT MILK HERE.



We milk, feed and care for the goats ourselves.  We don't out-source our milk. Millie, my first goat is still with us and she is a record milker. My children have joined me in the business and we work tirelessly to bring you really good natural products.  You can learn more about our ingredients here.

sylvia_with_goatsI love what I do and I feel blessed everyday doing it.

Soaps were our great beginning -- something we all can’t do without -- and it brings me joy to say that our natural products have added family members such as face and body creams, baby creams, shaving products for men and women, and even soap for healthy teeth and gums!

Today, Tierra Mia Organics products are helping thousands across the globe -- available through a host of online health stores! If you are now just finding us and want to know what we're all about, I welcome you to look around and see why our raw goat milk treatments can help you. If you're already a patron of our natural products, we thank you for trusting us with the health of your family!