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DEODORANT PASTE - All Natural Aluminum Free



At Tierra Mia we emphasize that what we put on our skin doesn’t just sit on top of it. The products and substances that go on our skin go into our bodies.

Ditch the dirty deodorant!  What's so dirty about antiperspirant? After all antiperspirants leave us sweat free and smelling fresh and clean. 


Your body does in fact need to sweat. Sweating allows your body to regulate its temperature as well as release toxins. When we don't release toxins they build-up inside our bodies. Our lymphatic system our lymphnodes is where toxins reside and the natural way for the body to rid them is through sweat, our urine and feces. 

Now onto masking body odor...

Tierra Mia Organics Deodorant Paste contains baking soda, which actually prevents odor-causing bacteria from thriving on the skin. Antiperspirants simply cover up the smell. 

Aluminum chloride is one the the main ingredients in deodorants and antiperspirants.  It may cause skin irritation, including contact dermatitis--rash--in some people. Aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorohydrate and, recently, aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex glycine are the most common active ingredients in antiperspirants.  Aluminum in its natural form is not necessarily harmful but these compound derivatives are not natural aluminum. They are said to be safe for use in small doses but they also pose a health risks as overexposure to aluminum ions and compounds actually blocks sweat glands.

Did you know parabens are estrogenic, meaning they can add estrogen to your hormonal system causing an imbalance. Your body absorbs estrogen through your skin, ask anyone who has ever received any kind of estrogen therapy. Estrogen can be delivered through a patch placed on the skin. 

Aluminum free deodorant will not turn your clothes yellow, as many typical deodorants will. Our cream-based deodorant will wash out if it does come in contact with your clothes.

Cancer-causing chemicals can be absorbed through small abrasions in the skin, and trapped into the body by antiperspirant, as your body cannot sweat it out. Because the armpits are so close to the lymph nodes and breasts, you can have toxins build up there, leading to your cells mutating into cancer.

What a breastfeeding mother consumes goes into her child’s body. Nutrients but also toxins can be passed to your growing baby. 

Tierra Mia Organics – Deodorant Paste does not include animal byproducts. Nor is it or any of the ingredients tested on animals. The ingredients are completely vegan-friendly.





So what are the other 4 ingredients in Tierra Mia Organics DEODORANT PASTE ?