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Our Precious Goats

Our goats are priority number one to us. From the very beginning we've raised our own goats as well as harvested our own honey. This enablesus tooffer the highest quality  products.  Our goats are part of our familyOur dairy goats are priority number one for us, from sun up to sundown.







From the very beginning, we've raised our own goats as well as harvested our own honey, enabling us to offer the highest quality products. Our goats are part of our family, and we feed them a nutritious diet of oats, barley, sunflower seeds, milo seeds, minerals, alfalfa, and fresh greensand carrots. In turn, they provide us with the very best goat milk. When you buy Tierra Mia Organics, not only have you purchased quality products, you have contributed to a family company with high standards for your family; a family company that cares equally about its connection and contributions to the community and the planet.


Our girls are loved, and milking them is essential to caring for them. If they don't get milked, their udders swell and this can be painfully uncomfortable for them. Not every goat is bred each year, as they can produce milk for several years without having new babies! When they birth new kid goats, we do not milk the mothers for up to eight weeks to ensure their newborns get the milk they need to grow up strong and healthy.

Only the best locally grown alfalfa will do for these girls. We also like to mix up their diet with a healthy blend of locally grown oats, veggies, seeds, and molasses. Careful dietary selection is important to us because that directly affects the quality of their milk, and in essence, what you put on your skin. 





Goats are considered small livestock animals.
Chewing the cud

Goats are ruminants.
What does that mean? Ruminants are mammals that that have four-chambered stomachs that digest plant-based food by fermenting it in a specialized stomach

The food naturally comes back up and they chew it some more.  This natural process is referred to as “chewing the cud.” 



Sheep and goats are in the same family and can look similar. Both are distantly related to antelopes, like those cousins you are related to who live in another country.


Strange eyes

Goats have horizontal, square or slit-shaped pupils, but they aren’t the only ones! Most cattle horses and sheep have similarly horizontal pupils. However, goats have very pale eyes and the contrasting pupils make it much more noticeable than in other animals.


Just Kidding

A newborn or young goat is referred to as a kid goat. It wasn’t until the last few hundred years that the word kid was extended to children in the English language.  


Goat kids naturally learn to stand within just minutes of being born. 

Goats love to stand on things. If you haven't heard or seen for yourself, go on youtube and treat yourself to funny goat videos! Goats originated in the Mountains where they became expert climbers scaling rocks and cliffs. Of course, this means goats have excellent balance.


Can it

Goats don’t eat tin cans, but they are healthy eaters. They feed off leaves, shoots, fruits, shrubs, and other plants. They love all sorts of varieties of flowers. 
What's This?

Goats have an intensely inquisitive and intelligent nature, which means they can be excellent escape artists. They are herd animals because of safety in numbers. Goats are fairly tame and are generally extremely gentle. 



Our goats are curious, friendly and affectionate. They each have their own personalities, and each one of them is special and dear to our hearts!

All these photos are of our very own lovely goats, courtesy and property of Tierra Mia Organics, INC. ©



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