Absolutely Amazing!!!

Posted by Lauren Chapman on 18th Feb 2014

Truly amazing! It has balanced my skin so its healthy from within. My face feels so soft now. It smells divine, too! A definite must have for the face.

Thank you Tierra Mia Organics, I cannot say it enough :)

Love this night cream

Posted by Laura on 29th Apr 2014

I am a 60+ year old and use this night cream for daytime and night. Only have been using it for a week and already see great improvement. The sunscreen that I use needs oil on my face to apply and this night cream has enough oil so it goes on perfect. Raw goat milk is the answer for my very reactive and sensitive skin. I will continue to order this cream from Tierra Mia Organics.

Natural product that works!

Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2014

As someone with a tendency toward dandruff and oily scalp, I have struggled to find a shampoo that really works for me. I don't like the idea of bombarding my hair and scalp with synthetic ingredients day in, day out, and yet if I go a day or two without shampooing, I suffer the consequences. Just recently -- and reluctantly -- I caved and purchased a mainstream anti-dandruff shampoo, and started using it with a heavy heart. Then I came across the Tierra Mia Lime in Coconut Shampoo Bar and decided to give it a try. I will admit, even as a lover of all things goat milk-related, I wasn't sure if this would do the trick. Well, after over a week of using nothing but this bar, I have to say that my hair and scalp are in great condition! I love being able to use a product that is completely natural like this, and which really delivers results -- something you can actually look forward to using each day!

Great for Dry Skin

Posted by Karen on 25th Sep 2013

My skin is very dry due to peri-menopause issues so I'm always looking for extra moisture. I use this "night" cream day and night and love not only the super hydrating qualities but the smell is light and lovely. Its also nice to know I'm not adding unnecessary chemicals to my skin.


Wonderful Dog Shampoo

Posted by Karen on 25th Sep 2013

I use this on my dachshund and it makes his fur so soft and the smell is very nice and subtle and doesn't have that chemical after-smell that other dog shampoos seem to have. It foams up nicely too and rinses clean. Also, it's perfect to bring along while traveling as you can just stick it in a small zip lock bag. Love that its all natural ingredients.


Best Pet Shampoo Ever!!

Posted by PS-Texas on 18th Feb 2013

I'll just bet, I have tried over 100 shampoo's on my westie over a four year period. He has terrible allergies, red and itchy skin. This shampoo added moisture, calmed the redness and washed off so quick. Bath time is super fast now. The soap lathers well. It cleans well and leaves skin feeling very soft. This is my second bar of soap. I also use it on my Bichon and it helps his skin too! I bathe my little guys once a week and the soap is not harsh at all. I am a believer! Thanks for a great product!


This soap is simply stunning!

Posted by yekaterina from Kazakhstan on 14th Nov 2012

This soap is simply stunning! I have a Toy poodle, her curls and rebellious hair. Neither the road nor the cheapest shampoo does not suit us, and badly dried hair tangling. The dog is constantly itching. Soap foams well, it has a light, unobtrusive scent. Already in the process of swimming, I noticed how soft is wool! The result: a happy dog, soft, smooth and shiny hair! Thank you for this wonderful product!


No Allergic reactions - Just soft coat!

Posted by Coconut from Florida - http://www.iherb.com/mypage/coconut on 14th Nov 2012

I was buying $11 bottles of hypo-allergenic shampoo from veterinarian - and it didn't work well! I am so HAPPY that I discovered this product. This soap suds/lathers well, does not have an overpowering scent and leaves my dog's coat shiny and soft. I waited about a week after washing my 3 dogs to do this review and my dogs have not broken out and they are not itching/scratching. I definitely recommend! There are no chemicals - just natural ingredients that will be gentle on your dog and your hands.


gentle and soft

Posted by Unknown on 18th Nov 2013
I like this all in one soap! Can use on my skin and hair!

I love the way this bar smells, it's not overpowering and the Coconut & Lime smells great! I've had some serious dandruff for a while and I've tried every anti-dandruff shampoo under the sun, even prescription shampoos from Dermatologists. None of those shampoos made my hair feel clean, they only made me feel like I had more dry scalp flaky build up. This is not the case with my Tierra Mia Shampoo Bar. The coconut & lime shampoo bar reduces my flakes significantly and that's something these other shampoos never have. I have really thick hair and it always feels smoother since I've been using the Tierra Mia Shampoo Bar. The shampoo bar is great all around, whether on your hair or body. I was skeptical after all the liquid shampoos I've tried, but I'm so glad I ordered this bar from Tierra Mia Organics! Great company with great products! A++



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