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Why use Our Soaps?

Our Natural Handmade Soaps  are free of harmful chemicals and fragrances that can cause skin sensitivities, dry skin, and allergy skin.

Many soaps on the market today contain a plethora of artificial foams, fragrances, and  chemicals,  Not so with our soaps.

Pets can be very sensitive to Perfumes and Fragrances used in Pet Shampoos  and even to many essential oils. 

  The difference between commercial soaps and handmade soaps are night and day, or better explained, "real" and "unreal". 

Commercial soaps and shampoos don't contain real and natural oils, but chemicals that mimic the foam created by the oils in natural soaps or shampoos.  These foams are made from chemicals known as surfactants.  Surfactants produce an artificial foam that is drying to the skin.  Shampoos and soaps that are made using oils such as these: olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and cocoa butter, produce a luxuriously rich lather that comes from the oil itself, and it is in fact the oil that not only creates the "bubbles" ( better known as foam), but it is the oil that removes the dirt and grime by attaching itself to the dirt and when rinsed gets wash away with the dirt and grime, and leaving behind a healthy moisture barrier on your pets skin and coat.  

Surfactants have been a less expensive to make soaps and shampoos,

Almost every soap bar and shampoo are made using these "surfactants", along with other chemical that can cause your pet's skin to react and show signs of dry and itchy skin,  allergy skin and a dry dull coat. 

Our Handmade Goat's Milk and Oat's Milk soaps are made with real food grade oils in the oldest fashion since the beginning of time.  They contain no harmful ingredients.

 I believe that you will love the results you'll see on your skin and your family's skin!



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