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MAGNETIC false lashes

April 03, 2017

MAGNETIC false lashes - Tierra Mia Organics

What do You Know About Magnetic False Lashes?

Most of us are well aware of the “thrills” associated with using false lashes. Applying false eyelashes is a task like no other, one that usually ends with lash glue and tears streaming down your face. That’s probably one reason so many people are opting for lash extensions, though that’s not always something people want to invest in. When you wear fake eyelashes, you accept the reality of having to spend time plucking dried glue off of your precious eyelids. But is there finally an alternative out there, one worth paying for?



Magnetic Lashes, whaaaaat?

You’ve probably seen the big hub-hub magnetic false lashes have stirred up. They hit the market last year and now people are raving about them. These magnetic lashes, called One Two Lash, were created by Katy Stoka, a real estate mogul turned cosmetic inventor, who was always on the lookout for great, full lashes.  They’re not made of animal fur or human hair, instead they are made from “high-quality synthetic fibers”.



So, how do they work?

  • There are two magnetic strips of lashes for each eye
  • One strip goes underneath your natural eyelashes (it has a red dot to identify it as the bottom lash)
  • One strip goes on top of your natural eyelashes, sandwiching your natural eyelashes
  • Both strips are magnetized, so they stick together. Voila, fake lashes applied!
  • To remove, gently slide magnetic strips apart


We’ve found both fans and haters of the trend. One blogger out there recommends sticking to glue-on lashes, based on cost and taking into consideration how “cheap” these magnetic ones looked. She also points out that they don’t fit around the eyes well, so they look stiff and unnatural. While the Allure website considers these the best alternative to glue-ons. Hmmm.

Are they worth $69?

What do you think? Have you given them a try? We’d love to hear your thoughts on it, no matter what they may be! Share with us to help give us a better idea if this is one item we should add to our personal wish list!

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