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Oat Milk or Goat's Milk Soap Which is Best for Your Skin?

February 02, 2023

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If you wonder which soap would be healthier and better for your skin between Goat's Milk soap and Oat Milk soap this blog is for you.

Let's tackle the benefits of our Avena Oat Milk soap first.  The visible benefits of using Oat Milk soap is its lavish lather or foam.  Especially when Colloidal Oatmeal is incorporated into the Oat Milk used to make our Oat Milk Soap Bars.  

Oatmeal has a bunch of antioxidant benefits.  Anyone suffering with skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, allergy skin, dry skin, and poison ivy will love the soothing results from using these bars of soap because of the anti-inflammatory properties in oatmeal.  

the pH levels found in Oat Milk soap will help create a balance in your skin's somatic levels.  Oatmeal soap have also  been known for its exfoliating power.

Fun fact: did you know that oatmeal contains saponins?  Saponins are natural elements that create "natural soap", or naturally created cleansing properties, creating a rich and creamy lather.

Oatmeal has the ability to absorb excess oil in "oily skin" without stripping the skin and leaving the skin tight and dry.  You will love using our Avena soap bar!

Avena Oat Milk Soap Bar

And now to tackle the benefits of our Goats Milk Soaps

The amazing benefits of Goats Milk soap has been known for centuries.  Goats milk contains naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acid.  Unlike products that contain chemical alpha-hydroxy acid, the AHA's found in goats milk are there naturally.  This natural element in goats milk is  made up of fatty acids and triglycerides that help to remove dead dry skin without hurting the natural balance of the skin and at the same time help to moisturize the skin. 

Goats milk is packed with vitamins and minerals that our skin needs to maintain a healthy pH level.

Fun fact: Goats milk has a similar pH to that of human skin helping to keep your skin lipid layer intact and healthy.  Goats milk soap are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Our customers have loved using our Goats Milk soap bars and we know they will quickly become loyal fans of our Avena Oat Milk soap bars too!

So to answer the question:  Oat Milk vs Goats Milk soap bar- which is best for you? 

answer: Both! They both bring wonderful and amazing properties to the table.  We are loving them both! 


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