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The Tingles

September 04, 2017

The Tingles - Tierra Mia Organics

Have you been using our face cream and thought to yourself, “Is it normal that I’m experiencing a tingling sensation when I use Tierra Mia Organics Original Face Cream?” As the popularity of our Original Face Cream grows, we’ve been getting this question more and more, and you’ll be happy to know that, YES! It’s normal. It isn’t harmful and it’s totally natural. But it’s always better to know why, don’t you think?

It tingles!

The tingling sensation is caused by the naturally occurring lactic acid also known as alpha-hydroxy acid, which all of our face creams contain. That’s right! All of our face creams contain natural occurring alpha-hydroxy acids. Most skin care and anti-aging products have to add alpha-hydroxy acids to their ingredients, but goat’s milk, our main ingredient, naturally contains lactic acid.

If lactic acid sounds familiar to you, it’s what’s used to perform chemical peels on the face. Don’t worry, our face creams don’t have anywhere near the same strength of a chemical peel. They are of a much smaller grade and in a natural form, meaning the alpha-hydroxy acid found in our products performs on a much milder level.

If you get a tingling sensation the product is working. Alpha-hydroxy acids help shed dead skin cells and aid the body in regenerating new skin cells. You’ll notice it as smoother and brighter skin, giving the appearance of less wrinkles and a clearer complexion.

It doesn’t tingle!

Now, maybe some of you are thinking, “If I use the Original Face Cream and it doesn’t tingle, is it not working?” Nope, don’t you worry, it’s working just fine! When our skin is dry or recently exfoliated, tiny little fissions or microscopic cuts occur in the skin. This isn’t something that is really visible to the naked eye, and often you won’t even know you are suffering from dry skin. This is the primary reason for the tingling sensation. Plenty of people use our Original Face Cream and don’t experience the stinging sensation or don’t experience it at first. It doesn’t mean it’s not working, but if you do experience the tingles, now you know it’s just the lactic acid doing it’s thing.

With continued use for about 1 week the tingles should go away. If you experience the tingling sensation, but it’s more of an intense burn and it does not subside within 5 days of continued use, we recommend switching from the Original Face Cream to the Tierra Mia Organics Extra Moisture Day Cream. It’s formulated with more oils and less milk, reducing the possibility of tingles.

What about other creams?
If you’re using any kind of Retin-A creams or steroidal creams, there’s a good chance they’ll interact with our face cream, and that could cause problems.  These types of creams and even salicylic acids dry the skin. They essentially force the skin to exfoliate, causing tiny microscopic cuts in the skin’s surface.  Applying our day cream to this treated skin can result in irritation. If you’re using Retin-A or salicylic acids products (carefully read the ingredients of your acne or face washes), we recommend that you do not use our Original Face Cream at the same time.   

How about protection from the sun?
Since lactic acid makes your skin a bit more sensitive to the sun, we’ve added a little non-nano zinc oxide to our face creams to provide a bit of SPF.  FYI, our creams are not yet SPF rated, but once they are, we’ll add that rating to all our labels, so stay tuned!

What else should I know?
While we’re at it, here’s a list of some other ingredients commonly found in cosmetics, cleansers, or face creams that can cause stinging or tingling when applied to the skin. These ingredients aren’t bad or known to be harmful but they can sting:

- Salicylic Acid
- Malic Acid
- Glycolic Acid
- Mandelic Acid
- Tartaric Acid
- Peppermint Oil
- Spearmint Leaf Oil
- Rosemary Leaf Oil
- Menthol
- Eucalyptus
- Camphor

Now you know a little more about what’s best for your skin. Let us know what your experience has been. Are you a tingler or not? What have you found works best for you? We’d love to hear your insight, so go ahead and comment below!

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