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Why are Pets Getting Sensitive? Here are some Key things you might like to know.

January 21, 2024

Why are Pets Getting Sensitive?  Here are some Key things you might like to know.

Introducing David our livestock guardian who does the great job of guarding our herd of Dairy Goats and our three Finn Sheep.  David is our gentle giant when it comes to our family.  Some think livestock guardians need not enjoy bath time, but we beg to differ.  David enjoys the cool bath he gets at least once a month During the hot summers.  We only use our Shampup on our beloved David because we want to keep his skin and coat healthy. 

Some pet owners have been trying to find ways to help their pets stop constant scratching when there no signs of fleas or ticks.

The two top reasons for the constant scratching and itching are a pet's diet and and the cleanser being used at bath time.  

Many pet owners are turning to raw meat diets that include cooked vegetables.   These diets include vitamin and mineral supplements to insure that their pet is getting a healthy and balanced diet.  

Studies have shown that dogs that eat a raw meat diet live as much as three years longer than those eating a kibble diet, but that's not all.  Their pet's coat becomes shinier, they stop the constant scratching, and their dog's breath doesn't smell like a mouse crawled in it and died, and these are just a few noticeable signs.  Another is their dog's poop ( yes that's right- their dog's poop) there is less of it: some pet owners noticed that their dog isn't constipated  anymore either.

Some healthy raw meat dog food's such as "The Farmer's Dog" stand out to us because of the choice and quality of ingredients.

Now let's move on the the pet shampoos on the market today.  Just like a natural handmade soap bar is the best for our skin, so it goes for our pet's coat and skin.

We've search a good number of dog shampoos on the market today and they are so disappointing.  

This is because all of the ones we could find contained no real natural soap, but only surfactants and added chemicals like glycerin and  fragrance, and two to three preservatives.  

Surfactants are made up of chemical foaming agents that create a foam, but this foam is not a natural "soap foam" and since it is not derived from an oil like what is found in a natural handmade soap it is very drying to the skin.

Glycerin is a natural byproduct of a "handmade cold processed soap, and will not be found in it's list of ingredients, yet if it is indeed listed this is because any ingredient that is added to make the product must be listed.  Glycerin is added to a soap to take the place of a moisturizing oil such as coconut, or olive oil among other healthy oils.

The following is the list of ingredients in the Pet Shampoo "Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Pet Shampoo":

Purified Water, proprietary surfactant blend, glycol distearate, fragrance, Tetrasodium EDTA, preservative, aloe vera.

This is like using a "body wash" for humans and we here at Tierra Mia Organics don't like those at all because they contain surfactants and other harsh skin drying ingredients that strip the skin of it's natural oil and natural protective barrier.

Our customers have used our pet ShamPup Shampoo bar and ShamPup Liquid shampoo their horses, dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs to name a few.

Our dogs are truly our best friends and helping them live a happy well cared for live is very important to us.  

When shopping for your pets cleanser finding one with few, simple and real ingredients is the best choice for your beloved pet.

You'll be glad to know that 10% of money made from our Pet Soaps goes towards helping to feed unwanted stray cats.

To all you Pet owners out there -






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