All About Emily

July 30, 2021

All About Emily - Tierra Mia Organics

Why this special soap was made and what makes it so special.

The meaning of the name Emily is "laborious; eager". For my amazing daughter, who this soap was originally created, the second adjective is the only trait that fully applies. 

We could easily, however, apply the first adjective, laborious, to her skin type. It took many years of diligent attention for her to have the clear and radiant skin she has today. Her journey with sensitive skin was my inspiration for creating this soap.

Many skin care companies have a one size fits all or a dry/normal/oily approach. We believe that what we can put on our skin, much like what we can put in our bodies, is unique to each of us.

In Emily's case, her skin was so sensitive that even the thought of a pimple would bring one to her face. As we touch our faces, put phones up against our cheek, apply make-up with brushes or simply exist in a dust filled room ... those who have this sensitive skin type will break out. It is not limited to those with oily skin.   

The biggest difference I found when I was researching how I could modify my soap to benefit her skin was that she had a reaction to cocoa butter. After further research I learned that cocoa butter, for some, works as a comedogenic, or more simply put:
  • A comedogenic ingredient can block the tiny pores in the skin. Blocked pores can develop into red, swollen pimples.
  • A non-comedogenic ingredient does not block skin’s pores.
And there it was. We removed the cocoa butter in this bar. If this sounds like you, cocoa butter might be your nemesis also. We then added more coconut oil for it;s lathering ability, lavender essential oil for the astringent properties and patchouli essential oil. Her incredible radiant skin was revealed.

Definitely one size does NOT fit all. We strive to research true skin challenges that fall outside the dry/normal/oily box. Your skin is not that simple. 

Other important tips right out of Emily regimen:
  • H2O - Start every day with 1 liter of water.
  • Cleanse - Wash your face twice a day with a mild moisturizing soap, preferably morning and evening. Add a gentle exfoliate to the evening cleanse.
  • Eat Clean - Pay close attention to the foods that trigger your acne. Sadly, dairy does it to me. For many it's greasy foods. Exercise discipline and get fruit and greens into your diet.
  • Sterilize your Tools - A weekly cleaning of your make-up brushes, Clairsonic  and all other items that come into contact with your face is a must.
  • Free Day - Go make-up free at least one day a week. Make-up can get trapped and clog pores, taking a break really helps. Your skin will thank you for a day of breathing!

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