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The Dry Months of Winter

January 14, 2016

The Dry Months of Winter - Tierra Mia Organics

For many people, the cold clear days of winter bring more than just a rosy glow to the cheeks. They also bring uncomfortable dryness to the skin of the face, hands, and feet. For some people, the problem is worse than just a general tight, dry feeling: They get skin so dry it results in flaking, cracking, even eczema (in which the skin becomes inflamed) 

It doesn't end with our skin either. People have a tendency to drink less water in the winter, and as high water content fruits aren't as plentiful ... we dehydrate ourselves. This is unhealthy for us on the inside and outside alike.

 What to do?  

1. Ease up on the hot showers.

Sure, you might want to do anything and everything to keep from shivering. But according to WebMD, scalding hot water can actually deplete skin of protective oils.. Keep your temp on the right side of lukewarm to hold onto as much moisture as you can, then moisturize immediately when you're done. I'm finding that ourTierra Mia Organics Face & Body Creamgreat for the cold, dry morning as it absorbs in a flash. Bringing a bottle to work for applications throughout the day (as recommended by experts) makes staying moisturized convenient too!


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    2. Start a water drinking challenge.

    Whether it's a group of friends, your work buddies or 700 of your closest Facebook pals, throw down the gauntlet and commit to drinking half of your body weight in water a day, Example - A 150 pound woman would drink 75 ounces a day. Ok, you probably didn't need me to do the math for you..(This is the amount recommended by many medical professionals) Friendly competition can be fun and within a couple of weeks a new habit is formed. We'd call that a win/win!

    3. Up your high water content veggies.

    Your body cannot function properly without enough water, which comprises 60 percent of your body weight. Water helps transport oxygen, fat and glucose to your working muscles, regulate your body temperature, digest food and eliminate waste products. Besides water, certain fruits and vegetables also fulfill your fluid requirements in addition to providing healthful nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber.

    On top of the vegetables list are cucumber and lettuce, consisting of 96 percent water. Zucchini, radish and celery are comprised of 95 percent water. Ninety-four percent of tomato's weight is water, and green cabbage is 93 percent water. Vegetables that contain 92 percent water include cauliflower, eggplant, red cabbage, peppers and spinach. Broccoli is 91 percent water by weight. Additional healthy hydrating foods include carrots with 87 percent water and green peas and white potatoes with 79 percent water.

    At the bottom of this newsletter is a ridiculously simple recipe for a refreshing cucumber salad. Truth be told - I laughed when I read this recipe on the Food & Wine website. It was too easy to need a recipe. But then again, I hadn't thought to do this yet ... hmm.

     I started with the one below, but have found that you can swap out equal parts of any fresh herb (1/2 the amount for dried), change up the oil and throw in a few dashes of vinegar or lemon juice for some zing.

     Until next month ... Happy hydrating!

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