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I travel with soap tupperware

March 23, 2017

I travel with soap tupperware - Tierra Mia Organics

“Is she taking leftovers with her into the shower?” Is what I imagine some women may be thinking in the locker room of the gym. I may look odd, but I don’t care! I’ve found what works for me. Using this soap bar has a  huge effect on how my skin feels , hence this little soap bar container will be traveling with me. Take that, body wash! Traveling with a re-usable container saves on waste! (Plus, ECO-SAVER BONUS! Tierra Mia Organics' soap bars come in recyclable paper and cardboard.)


What you wash with makes a difference.

I use goat milk soap made with fresh goat milk and really high quality natural oils. I never suffer from dry skin.  This soap does what so many body bars and body washes claim to do, but never end up delivering.  It leaves my skin soft and clean–I wouldn’t trade it for the world! There are lots of new trends everyday and new products to try, but my quest isn’t to fill my bathroom with pretty packaged potions and elixirs. I’m actually striving for that simplicity every brand seems to be selling. To me that doesn’t mean being a slave to tons of expensive beauty routines.  I want to do more with less. And I’m here to tell you that it is possible. You eat better and live better, and then you won’t need dozens of accessories to make you look and feel well.





How to travel.

When I travel, I take 3 things with me: toothsoap (yes, I brush my teeth with soap), moisturizer, and a body soap bar. Okay, I take deodorant too, 4 things. Makeup is optional at this point.  I have a longer beauty routine, which I do once week that is more extensive, but that’s for another post. My skin has never looked better, and yes I do want to brag that I don’t have to lug a ton of stuff, as I once did, just to make myself look good. I use the word good to mean a healthy-looking, even complexion. 


Simplicity at its finest.

Could a minimalist approach really be all you need? Maybe! It’s not for everyone, but I think it makes life easier, and that makes us all happy, right? In an age of “natural” and “organic” health and beauty, there are more products out there than ever before. New ones constantly hitting the shelves, claiming to be more natural than the next. It seems we’ve strayed very far from our natural roots. When something is natural, it just does its thing. Birds, trees, bees, and the entire planet don’t need tending to and outside products to help them. They just do.  Yes, a little help and pruning can certainly help, but our bodies are already amazing bio-machines, and instead of trying to reinvent new ways to be even better, maybe we can just follow the basic tenants that we know are true.

Drink plenty of water. Get enough rest. Exercise regularly. Eat well.

Maybe it seems too simple, but I’ve found as I follow these basic tenants, I feel better and that health shows in my skin. Because you don’t gotta fix what ain’t broken.

So where does one begin living a more natural minimalist life? Keep checking in with us here, and follow us in our Blog: Less is More.

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