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Uh-oh! Are those fleas on sweet puppy Otis?

September 01, 2020

Uh-oh! Are those fleas on sweet puppy Otis? - Tierra Mia Organics

Though we like to believe our sweet pets have not a care in the world, unfortunately, that’s not quite true. Sadly, cats and dogs both run the risk of being hurt by pesky little culprits—fleas. And as loving pet parents, it’s in our best interest to learn everything we can about fleas, including different ways of providing our fur-babies with relief and a solution. So, let’s start with the basics.

How to tell if your pet has fleas

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to see whether or not your sweet fur-baby has unwanted visitors. Look for the signs below to see if fleas are in the mix.

  • Persistent itching, scratching, and even biting: there’s a difference between periodically scratching and there being a problem, so pay close attention.
  • You see them: that’s right, though fleas are small, they can still be visible. They’re about ⅛ of an inch long, reddish brown, and very thin. If you see something in your home that matches that description, your sweet baby may have fleas.
  • Suspicious specks around the house: maybe you thought it was a fluke or just a random bug, but it may be best to examine these mysterious specks closely to see if they’re fleas or signs of flea infestation instead.
    • Flea dirt: if you notice what looks like pepper around the house, that may be an indication that fleas are around. They leave a residue called flea dirt that you’ll likely find on your pet’s skin, favorite bed, and even carpeting.
    • Flea eggs and larvae: you may notice tiny white oval eggs on your pet’s skin, carpeting, or bedding. Or worse, you may find larvae—squiggly worm-looking creatures that feed on flea dirt.
  • Loss of hair: if you’ve noticed your pup’s hair seems to be thinning for no apparent reason, fleas may be the reason.
  • Irritated skin: if you’re able to get past the fur to look at the skin, it will likely be red, dry, and flaky if fleas are involved.

My pet has fleas, now what?

Do not fret! There are ways to fight these pests off to keep your pets safe. The main thing to remember is that combating fleas is a two-step approach. First, you must eliminate fleas from your pet’s fur, to ensure none are left to bother them again. The second step is ensuring your home is completely free of fleas. This means a thorough cleaning to ensure fleas, flea dirt, larvae, and eggs have been completely eliminated. This will take time, but it’s essential to ensuring you don’t have a recurrence. You can of course go to your vet for guidance, but they will likely recommend medicated shampoos that more often than not will have harmful chemicals you want to avoid. In fact, all our customers tell us they prefer to go to the all-natural route, and that’s something we can help with!! 

Tierra Mia Organic’s Sham-Pup Pet Shampoo

ShamPup pet shampoo is safe to use on humans and gentle enough that you can use it on your pet as often as you’d like—cats, dogs, or goats! The ingredients we use in our Sham-Pup are carefully selected with the purpose of only benefiting the health of your pet’s skin. We don’t use the words “natural” or "organic" loosely, rather, our formulas are made to be whole and simplistic, leaving the brilliance to nature. No fillers. No Lies. 

Our Sham-Pup Pet Shampoo is brimming with benefits:

  1. Pet's coat: Our pet shampoo keeps your pet’s coat smelling fresh and clean for weeks, unlike other pet shampoos that only last a few days. Better yet, your sweet pet’s coat will feel cared for and soft, and will shine with health.
  2. Pet's Skin: Since there are no chemicals in our pet shampoo, it won't dry out your pet’s sensitive skin. Every single ingredient we use is moisturizing, and the raw goat’s milk we add provides vitamins and minerals their skin and coat needs to thrive!
  3. Flea repellant: The essential oils and nutritional yeast we use to formulate this shampoo stays on the coat and skin for longer, helping to deter unwanted visitors.

Sham-Pup is the perfect way to keep fleas away and your pet’s coats and skin shiny and moisturized without the harmful chemicals. We know you love your fur-babies as much as we love ours, so we’re confident you’ll love the way Sham-Pup will make your sweet ones feel. Whether you are just looking for a new way to bathe your pets, or you’re fighting off some pests, Tierra Mia Organic’s Sham-Pup Pet Shampoo is the answer! Order Sham-Pup for your best friend today, and notice the difference yourself! Enter the code PUPPYLOVE for 15% off when you buy 2 bottles (or more) of Sham-Pup Pet Shampoo between Thu 9/3-9/10

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